19 May 2019 at LRGS

Lancaster University won the toss and elected to bat

Once more our friends from the University stepped in to fulfil a spare fixture. With exams and real-life looming, there was some thought in the Gregson camp that the Millennials arrayed before them might have their minds occupied on matters other than delivering another cricketing spanking.

To this end, whispers about rising house prices, the general sluggishness of the graduate economy and reminiscences about how difficult questions could be in finals (‘Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Discuss’ still provides personal nightmares…) abounded.

The visitors won the toss and decided to bat, probably just to get away from the doom mongering oldies around them and immediately set about Waddell and Pye’s bowling. It took a double bowling change to reap some rewards as Murphy had Lindsey (23) caught by Hughes and Barker immediately followed up with the wicket of Pangrekar V (2), well caught in the covers by Pye.

There was to be little respite though as Lagness completed his half century before retiring and Aslam (45) hitting out well before Sutton caught him at midoff from Pye’s bowling. A brief purple patch for the Gregson saw two quick wickets fall. Waddell threw down the stumps to run out Pangrekar J (9) and Metcalfe had Ahmed (0) caught for a duck.

Celebrations were short lived as Marsden and Lal came in to take up the attack. Another 50 scored and Marsden retired just after Sutton had nipped one through to bowl Lal (33). Lundqvist (12) was trapped in front of his stumps by Sumsion and it was left to McCarthy (7*) and Ravishankar (2*) to close the innings on 256 – 9, despite editorial hopes Ravishankar would provide a ‘sitar’ of a catch for the match report…

The Gregson reply got off to a bad start as Pangrekar had Hughes (1) caught early and Sumsion (16) fell to Ravishankar’s bowling. There followed a procession of batsmen who got themselves in but couldn’t capitalise on their starts. Lee (23) was caught and bowled by Marsden, Waddell’s (26) attempt to take the fight to the opposition foundered as he attempted to heave across the line and was bowled, Morrison (22) was undone by a scooter from McCarthy and Sutton (15) misjudged the off cutter from Lindsey and was bowled.

After Pye (0) was removed without scoring, it remained only for McAllister (29*) and Metcalfe (2*) to get their red ink and see out the Gregson’s overs resulting in a final score of 147 – 7, a loss by 109 runs.

Good luck to our opponents in their upcoming exams and we’ll see those of you still lucky enough to be in tertiary education next season!

Ra ra!

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