17 May 2019

LRGS staff won the toss and elected to bat

There’s always something a little different about the game against the Grammar School staff. Sure, it’s a 20:20 on a Friday night rather than a 40 over Sunday fixture, but it is more the atmosphere. The Gregson are in the visitor’s dressing room, the first team pitch is used, and the ins and outs of every batsman are celebrated by a relevant musical interlude.

LRGS won the toss and elected to bat, Rafferty and Mossop taking first guard. With only three overs per bowler, it was Deighton and Patel who took the opening spells for the Gregson with mixed results. Although Patel bowled Rafferty (12), Mossop took a shine to the bowling and soon reached his 30 – a point at which it was agreed each batsman would retire to perhaps come in again at the end of the innings.

Hall replaced him and smacked three consecutive boundaries before being run out in bizarre fashion. His partner, Loney, miscued the on drive and the ball looped gently up into the waiting hands of Waddell who promptly dropped the dolly and for some reason danced around the ball as though auditioning for Strictly. After he completed his routine of reverse pivots and back stop turns and finally got the ball in hand, he somehow managed to throw down the wickets at the bowler’s end to see Hall (12) short of his ground. The judges awarded a ten for results, but only a nine for style – Rulliere in particular was concerned that although Waddell’s underarm turn with head loop was a Salsa triumph, there was an element of dropped shoulders in the Viennese waltz that precluded the perfect ten.

There followed a period where although runs came quickly, the Gregson bowlers kept chipping away at the wickets enough to remain in the hunt. Williamson trapped Loney (28) leg before and then followed up with an outrageous leg side wide that Swarbrilic (1) came so far down the track for, Morrison had time to gather and complete the stumping. A wide and a wicket in the same ball – only the Gregson…

Powell caught Kyle (7) off Plant’s bowling and although Mason (33*) held the lower order together, Rulliere took a brace as he bowled both Hall (14) and Waring (0) and Waddell and Morrison combined to run out Wilkinson (2).

A total of 166 then, 8 an over. How would the Gregson respond? With the LRGS staff generally swapping bowlers each over, batting was an interesting challenge. Powell (1) and Sumsion (11) did not settle at the top of the order and were soon bowled by Waring and Wilkinson, respectively. Sutton threatened to change the game with a quick fire 30 before retiring, but Gregson wickets fell with alarming regularity.

Williamson (0) and Waddell (0) both fell for ducks and although Morrison (15) and Deighton (20) put together an unlikely partnership before both were caught at mid off, the Gregson lower order failed to keep up what little pressure their stand produced. Patel (4) was stumped, Plant (6) was run out, Rulliere (9) and Kaighin (1) were bowled and it was left to Sutton (44) to return like a National Express coach to heave a few more boundaries that although pretty, were never going to be enough to win the game.

A fine game that saw Gregson finish on 125 for a 41 run loss but played in a spirit where cricket was the winner. We’d like to thank Guy Mason and his LRGS colleagues, not only for the evening’s cricket, but for the friendship and community spirit they show in allowing the Gregson CC to use their facilities throughout the season.

Ra Ra!

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  • Davoid


  • jerry wallace

    Can you tell me where I find out the name of the umpires at these matches…..
    Also are there any other local cricket teams I can find out about perhaps requiring umpires on a friendly basis please

    • Moody Gnome

      We often have our President, Mr Reynolds, standing as umpire together with a few other ex-players. Failing that, we all take our turn in the white coat. If you fancy a stint, then do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!


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